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We offer a variety of emergency and general plumbing services to suit all your needs. We have no call out fee and also offer an ongoing 10% discount to over 65s, NHS workers and emergency service workers including the armed forces.

Please see below for rough pricing estimates for common jobs.

Please note these are best estimates only and external factors may mean more time needs to be taken to resolve your issue.


  • Tap repair from £80

  • New kitchen tap from £125

  • New basin tap from £110

  • New bath taps from £165

  • Stop tap leak repair £75

  • Pipe repair £80


  • Outdoor tap installation from £85

  • Convert outside tap into temperature controlled dog wash from £150

Kitchen tap


  • Radiator valve from £95

  • Radiator replacement from £220

  • F&E tank clean £85

  • General leaks from £75

  • Central heating pump from £170

  • Motorised diverter valve from £185

Towel rail


  • Filling valve from £85

  • Flush valve from £95

  • Cistern bolts / seal from £85

  • Inlet pipework from £85

Please note, if your toilet has multiple issues, please don't add these prices together. For example, a fill and flush valve replaced together should cost around £105.

Toilet repair


  • Single appliance blockage from £75

If multiple appliances are blocked, I recommend calling a drainage company as they have more specialist equipment to get the job done quicker and therefore cheaper for you.

Plunger unblocking sink


We know how it feels to be given a vague estimate on the phone, only to be stung by the card machine.

At Fast Response Plumbing, we value complete transparency and have a set pricing structure to boot.

We charge by the nearest hour* for labour and only add on the cost of parts, so you can have peace of mind knowing roughly how much you will pay before you even pick up the phone. We aim to complete most jobs within an hour and there is no surprise VAT  bill on top of our prices.


Monday to Friday

7.30am to 5pm

£75 per hour plus parts


Weekday Out of Hours

Monday to Friday

5pm to midnight

£120 for the first hour then £75 per hour plus parts

Midnight onwards

£150 for the first hour  then £75 per hour plus parts

Weekends and Bank Holidays

8.30am to 4pm 

£135 for the first hour then £75 per hour plus parts

Weekend out of hours

4pm to midnight

£165 for the first hour then £75 per hour plus parts

Midnight onwards

£200 for the first hour then £75 per hour plus parts

* - for example, if we've been with you for 1h15 on a Tuesday afternoon, you can still expect to pay £75p/h plus parts.

Equally, if we're with you for 20 minutes, the cost will still be £75 plus parts as this is our minimum charge.

If no work needs to be completed, for example you would like an in-person quote, with no booking for works to be completed, a small fee of £20 will be payable for fuel costs and time taken.

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